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Every business needs a process to get online reviews these days. Reviews are the new “word of mouth” in 2019. Our proactive, automated platform is that perfect choice to get & stay ahead of your competition. Consumers read on average 10 online reviews before choosing who do conduct business with. Are you losing sales without even knowing it?

Our Online Reputation Management & Review Gathering Platform is the “Gold” Standard… at “Silver” Pricing

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GMB Review Factory is a must for either business owners or reputation managers because 87% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
If several products are available, which one will you most likely buy, the one with the most and best reviews, right? Me too.

That is why reviews are so important to a business, if we are going to be competitive, you have to stand out from the crowd, and the more 4 & 5 star reviews, the more you will stand out. I have tested several review tools, and I have worked closely with the development team at GMB Review Factory and can honestly say this is a great review tool to collect and manage your reviews online.

As a business owner I appreciate that bad reviews are emailed to me to resolve any customer issues and the great reviews post immediately!

Jay Weaver

GMB Review Factory is like whipped cream for reputation managers! It takes some work managing all the tasks of social media management. And Reviews are the lifeblood of a positive experience, validation and social proof!

Not to mention they help your RANKINGS!

I have worked closely with the launch team and can honestly say this has to be the simplest way to collect and manage reviews online. My favorite part is that bad reviews go straight to the chosen satisfaction specialist, and allows great reviews to post immediately!

This will be the easiest door opener for my business and the greatest value add to any of my customers marketing plan.

Would you like whipped cream with that?

Tim Judge

GMB Review Factory is an awesome tool. Being able to add my company logo personalizes the review request for my client. They are very clear who they are leaving the review for.

The fact that the software presents the exact place to leave the review takes any potential confusion out of the process. Getting a notification when someone leaves a review is perfect – allows us to immediately go and personally respond to reviews – building our reputation in the process.

Having reviews of 3 or fewer stars be presented with an outlet for a less than satisfied client to voice their concerns gives us a chance to right a wrong – BEFORE it can become a serious black mark on our online reputations = is a very useful part of the GMB Review Factory tool – an opportunity to learn from our mistakes in private.

Google Reviews are an extremely important part off growing my online business presence and in helping future clients learn about what we can do for them. Simple to use and implement in anyone’s business – profoundly impactful results.

Karen Stavert

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